Why the Eight Body Constitutions?

May, 1994     

Light and Salt

Dr. Dowon Kuon

In Nae-kyong, an old medical book in China, there is something called Twenty-five Tae-in. Hippocrates talked about the four cardinal humors, and there is also the theory of four body types. There have been people who caused confusion by saying that, in addition to the above theories, there are 16 constitutions, 24 constitutions, etc., without providing any principle or method for their classifications and without providing any remedies. This is just like arbitrarily saying that there should have been six or ten scales in music instead of seven, or that it would have been more convenient if we had ten months instead of twelve months. 
In creation, there is a strict but unspoken principle. The structure of all creation is according to the number seven, the move of creation is according to the number twelve, and the individuality of creation is according to the number eight. Firstly, let's look at the structure of creation. Musical sound has seven scales, light has seven colors, there are seven holes in a face, and also seven holes in the body. Try counting all the knuckles on your hand: there are fourteen (two times seven). There are also fourteen large joints in the entire body. If we count the number of hairs, pores and cells in our entire body, it might be a multiple of seven. For females, their menstrual cycle is 28 days (four times seven), and the number of days that babies remain in their mothers’ womb is also 280 days (forty times seven). It takes 21 days (three times seven) for chicks to hatch. It takes seven days for worker bees, fourteen days for male bees, and twenty-one days for queen bees to hatch. In the Far East, it is said that the structure of creation is composed of seven: the five elements (gold, tree, water, fire and soil); Yang (the positive energy), which is a source of energy that causes the five elements to move, to grow, to brighten and to warm up; and Yin (the negative energy), which contrarily causes the five elements to stop, to shrink, to darken, and to cool down. In the book of Genesis in the Bible, it says that the creation of the Creator was done in seven days. Although we cannot mention every example here, creation is structured according to the number seven, so human beings cannot change this number to other numbers according to their own whim.
To continue, the number according to which creation operates and moves is twelve. Creatures in the universe revolve or operate according to twelve hours, twenty-four hours, and twelve months. Therefore, human beings cannot arbitrarily change the operation of the universe to a ten-hour system or a ten-month system.
Similarly, creation must be classified by the number eight, and it cannot be any other number that shows the individuality of creation. Let’s take seasons as an easy example. It is obvious that there are four seasons—spring, summer, fall, and winter—but besides these four, there are the first days of spring (Lip-choon), summer (Lip-ha), autumn (Lip-choo) and winter (Lip-dong). The individuality of seasons are divided into eight sections, which commence on eight dates: the first day of spring, the spring equinox (Choon-boon), the first day of summer, the summer solstice (Ha-ji), the first day of autumn, the autumnal equinox (Choo-boon), the first day of winter, and the winter solstice (Dong-ji). The first rainfall of the year (Woo-soo), the rainfall for seeding (Kock-woo), and the barley harvest season (Mong-jong) are not included in the eight delineating dates but are considered mere additional modifiers. A compass has a similar principle. A compass has not only east, west, south and north, but northeast, southeast, northwest and southwest. The eight signs of divination are the signs that mark the eight individualities, and there cannot be nine signs of divination.
Therefore, human beings must be divided into eight categories, which are the eight constitutions. Every human being belongs to one of the eight constitutions. The fact that an increasing number of people have been interested in the Eight Constitutions Medicine indicates that more and more people are agreeing with this theory. Ninety-nine out of a hundred who had their constitution examined responded that they have certain characteristics of the body type that they belong to and and that they experienced that the more they practiced a lifestyle according to the principles of their constitutions, the more they realized that the eight constitutional medicine works. This illustration really proves that there are only eight constitutions.
What I feel is more important to write about here is the discovery of the eight pulse formations for the eight body constitutions; these eight pulse formations prove that there are eight constitutions. This is a new discovery that cannot be traced from the traditional, five-hundred-year-old method of examining one’s pulse. Every human being has one of these eight pulse formations that never changes throughout his lifetime. No one has any kind of pulse formation other than one of these eight pulse formations. Even my attempts for ten years to find the ninth pulse formation ended up being in vain.
Following the discovery of the eight pulse formations, I discovered that there are the arrays of the internal organs according to their strength and weakness, and I developed the pathology and particular remedies for them. According to the Eight Constitutions Medicine, the pathology and remedies for a disease may vary because of the different functional structures of the organs. Let’s consider gastritis as an example. This disease is contracted for the following reasons: for hepatonia individuals, the imbalance in function between their liver and their pancreas; for cholecystonia individuals, the imbalance between their lungs and their heart; for pancreotonia individuals, the imbalance between their kidneys and their heart; and for gastrotonia individuals, the imbalance between their pancreas and their liver. Pulmotonia individuals contract the disease due to the imbalance between the same two organs as hepatonia individuals, but the imbalance is in the other direction. This correlation also exists between the colonotonia and cholecystonia constitutions, between the renotonia and pancreotonia constitutions, and between the vesicotonia and gastrotonia constitutions. The remedy for this disease must differ according to each constitution. Therefore, if the remedy is appropriate, it is very effective, but if patients are treated with an inappropriate remedy due to the doctor’s inaccurate judgment, they not only remain sick but their condition also worsens. In the Eight Constitutions Medicine, even the same disease may be cured according to different pathologies and with different remedies, depending on the individual’s constitution, and individuals with the same body constitution may be treated with different remedies depending on what type of disease he has. In this way the Eight Constitutions Medicine has succeeded in healing various diseases that are thought to be incurable. This shows us that the approach of the Eight Constitutions Medicine has really been effective and that the remedies are also revolutionary.
Some people regard the Eight Constitutions Medicine as the “eight body type medicine.” However, there is no such thing as eight body types, and moreover, the so-called four body types have nothing to do with individuality. Some might think that the Eight Constitutions Medicine is included in the four body type medicine, but it cannot be included in anything, because the Eight Constitutions Medicine is completely unique in its pathology and remedy. Apart from the Eight Constitutions Medicine, no other practice of medicine has a comprehensive method of discriminating the differences between human beings, and without such a method, medicine cannot be considered practical. I am certain that even if any method of discrimination other than that of taking the pulse formation is developed, provided that it is comprehensive, it will eventually serve only to confirm the eight constitutions. The number of constitutions among human beings is most certainly eight, and the Eight Constitutions Medicine must not be confused with any other constitutional medicine that does not have a clear discrimination method and remedy.
The dietetic method according to the constitutions was documented as a thesis in Vol. 7 of the Myoung-ji University journal in 1974. There is also a clear theory about gold in this paper. By writing this paper, I was not intending to promote or discourage the selling of gold or silver rings that people have worn for a long time. Rather, my intention was to inform people that wearing rings without understanding the underlying implications of such action is unfounded and might lead to diseases.
In conclusion, it is absolutely certain that there are eight constitutions, and without knowing what constitution we have, we cannot receive a constitutional treatment or be on a constitution diet. If you do not know your exact constitution, it is better to be on a normal diet, as recommended by western dieticians. In this case, even though there is something that is not good for you in your diet, your diet might also contain something that would suit your constitution. However, if a person who keeps a diet that is for a constitution that he does not have, he might end up getting a disease from that diet. Because an inaccurate examination could cause people to contract a disease in this way, an examiner must be equipped with proper knowledge and training. 


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