Ardenio, Jane Matias

  I was diagnosed with Acute Coronary Syndrome caused by unstable angina, a condition considered an emergency case. I had to stop from work due to the overall weakening of my body from dizziness and chest pains. With my condition worsening, I was advised to undergo angioplasty, a medical procedure that costs a shocking million.

  It was then that I met a fellow cardiac patient who shared me her Binhi acupuncture experience. I decided to take the acupuncture treatment as a last straw. I was very weak and sick but after a set of acupuncture sessions, I felt better. I noticed myself recovering steadily while following the food regimen prescribed for my body type. 

  Recent medical tests show that the blood clots caused by the Acute Coronary Syndrome have cleared and I was even certified fit to resume to work. Though it took a change of lifestyle, I can say that I am significantly well and renewed. Today, I continue with my acupuncture treatment instead of opting for other procedures. For me, acupuncture is way affordable, safe, and effective.

Heongpyo Lee

  I started showing symptoms of Bipolar II Disorder when I was about fifteen years old. A person with Bipolar II disorder experience periods of mania and depression. It was very difficult for me to control my emotions.

  Most people didn't know that I battled with periods of mania and depression. Medication helped, but because it was hard to tell when exactly the periods of mania and depression started, medicine always intervened a little too late.

  When I started treatment at Binhi acupuncture clinic, I was a bit apprehensive about the total change of lifestyle. But in faith, I had decided to get off my medication slowly. 

  Now I do not rely on medication at all. The impulse to commit suicide, reliving past trauma over and over again has stopped. It is nothing but short of a miracle that I can live my life without struggling day-to-day because of depressive impulses. Through this treatment I am healthier, happier, and better able to engage in my life spiritually, in ways that were impossible before.

Zenaida A. Reyes

  I was diagnosed in 2011, with Trigeminal Neuralgia, a condition caused by the irritation of the trigeminal nerve that carries sensation from the face to the brain. This intense, stabbing pain did not allow me to do my daily routine and chores. The pain became severe and it lasted longer. I had to rely on continual pain reliever intake providing only temporary relief.
  A friend then recommended the Binhi acupuncture treatment, which I decided to take. After five sessions, I felt great pain relief. The intense pain significantly lessened that I did not have to take constant pain relievers anymore. Continuing with my  acupunc-ture  treatment and following the diet guidline for my body type, I speak for its effectiveness because I now feel a lot better, lighter, and healthier. 
  I continued with my acupuncture treatment but due to this sickness I had tooth decay and had abscess. It was also treated alongside with my sickness but thanks God it was also healed.
  But to my surprise, I was not only relieved with Trigeminal Neuralgia, but I also lost weight and my skin became smooth, soft and light. I used to take diet supplements which is so expensive and had body massage once in two days. But due to change of eating habits and following the 'Diet Guidelines' from 67 kilos I am now 60 kilos.
  Give it a try, trust me and you won't be sorry.

Heesook Shin

  I appreciate the opportunity to give a testimony for the treatment of Dr. Soh at Binhi Acupuncture Clinic.
  Last year, my husband suddenly had a fatal heart disease and passed away in hospital a few weeks later. After he passed, I started to feel really ill.

  Shortly after, I was hospitalized to be found that my blood sugar was 300 plus. After being out of hospital with the prescription, I worried about my future as a widow. But God gave me another chance to live for Him through Dr. Soh.
  He treated me for
diabetes and hypertension (15 years) together, everydays from April 28 to Jun 3, 2014.
  My diabetes now is 90(empty stomach), 125(after 2 hours)-it's normal. My BP is 90/ 130(without medicine). Praise the Lord!

Angelie Lalaine

  My daughter Angelie Lalaine is also afflicted with a serious illness. She met an accident before and from then on, she started having seizures. After undergoing CT scan, it was found that she has blood clots in the brain which needs surgery.
  Due to the high cost of treatment, we sought an alternative treatment, acupuncture. We went to the Binhi Clinic of Dr. Peter Soh. Upon knowing Lalaine's body type, we were given a list of foods to be eaten and foods to be avoided.
  After undergoing several sessions, Lalaine's condition has improved. Her pale skin become pink, she was able to study very well. Although we have to discipline ourselves by avoiding foods that are harmful to my children's body type, the result is good health for the two of them.

Nenita Tuazon

  I've been suffering from back and shoulder pains for years. I have tried hot compress and liniments to ease the pain. I also take ibuprafen very often which makes me feel comfortable after only a few minutes of taking.
  But the back pains keep on coming back. Until I finally got treated at the Binhi Acupuncture Clinic of Dr. Peter Soh.
  Through painless acupuncture treatment which was done in a month's time, my back and shoulder pain was gone. It was diagnosed as
  No medicine was prescribed, only the daily treatment and the right food to eat. Now I don't have anymore back and shoulder pain. Praise God!

Annie van Delden

  I was referred to the Binhi Acupuncture Clinic by a friend. I have hemorrhoids but I refused to be operated. So I decided an alternative solution which is Acupuncture. I enrolled for 13 sessions treatment.

  After a few sessions, I started to feel much better and no longer have difficulty defecating and there was no more blood in my bowels. After the 13 sessions, my hemorrhoids subsided. And even my lumbar pain was gone. I am very satisfied with the result.

  Hence, Acupuncture is not only safe but effective as well.
And if we eat the right food, we can get rid of various diseases.
  Thank you to Mr. Peter Soh.

Corazon H. Macalino

  I'm Corazon H. Macalino, a senior citizen. With my age I cannot avoid illness. I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, back pains and laryngitis which cause continuous cough and sore throat. I took the prescribed medicines but I did not get well.

  A friend told me to try acupuncture at the Binhi Acupuncture Clinic of Dr. Peter Soh. He evaluated my case and after a series of treatment, I was relieved of my pains most especially my laryngities. Now I feel better and healthier. My voice has returned to nomal, too.

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