Cancer treatment in Eight-Constitution Medicine

January 29, 2016

While practicing eight-constitution medicine (ECM), we encounter many seemingly unbelievable cases of intractable disease being cured and the patients who experience these cases often become true believers of ECM. The reason may be quite simple.  


People diagnosed with cancer may hold out hope, like grasping at straws, that various Korean and alternative medicine methods, as well as Western medicine, can cure them with surgery or that chemo- or radiotherapy can completely destroy masses that cannot be seen or cancer cells that may or may not be present.


Ultimately, they lose hope after damaging their bodies and lives and may simply wait to die. When their children or friends tell them about a place where many people were cured of cancer and virtually came back from the dead with the help of “some old man who does acupuncture in a special way” and suggest one last try, they often come reluctantly and return a few times half-heartedly.


Then, they feel something different, somewhat better, about their body and begin to ask themselves, “What is this?” After only a month or two, sometimes longer, the “old man who does acupuncture” would tell them to “go and get the pictures taken again.”  After seeing the results, they shake their heads in disbelief and say, “I don’t know what happened, but my cancer has disappeared.”


They wonder often how to accept this situation, and when their senses return, they wonder how to express their gratitude and share their joy with fellow “patient-friends” (there is no separate patient-friend club or anything…). As a symbol of hope and gratitude, they make and bring injulmi (a type of rice cake) to share with not only other patients, but also the old man who treated their cancer and the young doctors who look at least 50 years younger than the old man but who work every day to treat intractable diseases, other than cancer, by performing acupuncture.


They bring injulmi and stuff it into a paper cup and put it on top of each doctor’s desk, no bigger than two sheets of A4 paper, before the doctors arrive at work at 7 AM.  


This is what I, along with my colleagues, saw on a daily basis working at Jesun ECM Clinic where Dr. Dowon Kuon, the original source and founder of ECM, practices medicine at 96 years of age.


As one of the board members of Dawnting Cancer Research Institute who is sharing and preparing ECM studies and its vision on various intractable diseases, including cancer that faces and generations to come, I share these words from across the Pacific Ocean with a great sense of responsibility.


Choi, Younkuk. Dr. Younkuk Choi's ECM Eyes Current Medical News Commentaries: Viewpoints from an Eight-Constitution Medicine Clinician. Kindle Edition. 

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