Constitution and Profession

October, 1995  

Light and Salt

Dr. Dowon Kuon

A profession is a mission that has been charged to a person by the heavens, that is, the heavens’ will commanded to him. In order to know what mission has been given to you, you should first know yourself, and to know yourself is to know which body constitution you have (知體質而知天命). Our personalities, talents, and personal interests are important indicators of which professions are best suited for us. The best way to recognize these indicators is to identify what our constitution is.
Hepatonia individuals are generous and readily forgive others for their faults. They do not like to ask questions and prefer to engage in active work in an open environment. They tend to do things with spontaneity rather than planning things beforehand. Individuals who have the hepatonia constitution tend to be better at adapting to their surrounding environment than changing their environment. Therefore, hepatonia individuals are best suited for entrepreneurial professions (i.e., embarking on business ventures) or jobs related to mechanical engineering. Among hepatonia individuals there are quite a few who run their own business and are successful. It is also fitting for these individuals to become politicians, given that they have a neighborly spirit. Jobs that require meticulous thinking and calculation, excessive talking (since they have weak lungs, too much talking tires them and causes them to be inefficient), or an artistic mind are not ideal for them. Although these are typical characteristics for individuals with the hepatonia constitution, there can be exceptions among hepatonia individuals, depending on personal background, education, and other environmental factors.
Cholecystonia individuals are active and self-sacrificing, but can also be quick-tempered and sensitive. They are also susceptible to alcoholism. They need to consider these constitutional traits in choosing their occupation. They should avoid occupations that entail frequent confrontations with others or that provide occasions for jealousy to develop and invite criticism from others. This is because cholecystonia individuals are easily hurt by others and suffer from insomnia, leading to serious health problems, such as a drop in body temperature, a feeling of heaviness in the legs, and diarrhea. Cholecystonia individuals are prone to become alcoholics; therefore, a profession that involves drinking should be avoided. Because they are active, outgoing, and self-sacrificing, these individuals are well suited for professions in education or mechanical engineering. In fact, they may engage in occupations of every kind except those involving trees or fire.
Pancreotonia individuals tend to be very active and outgoing, so professions that require sedentary work do not suit pancreotonia individuals and may even cause physical and psychological problems for them. They are full of curiosity towards novel things; thus, they need to exercise extra caution when choosing their profession. Otherwise, they may find themselves having to repeatedly change jobs. Because they do not enjoy staying in an office all day long to see patients, they often choose other professions within the medical field, such as nurses or medical missionaries. These occupations not only suit their constitutional traits but also save others. It is a fruitful work in that they treat patients and evangelize them, thus saving both their bodies and their souls. Actually, for individuals of other constitutions to carry out this kind of service would require much more effort and endurance than it would for a pancreotonia individual. This shows that choosing occupations necessitates much consideration of one’s constitution. Particularly, pancreotonia individuals have an aesthetic sense; thus, they compose almost seventy percent of all artists. They do not find it a hardship to remain single; there are many nuns and priests among those who have this constitution. There are also many diplomats and detectives who have this constitution, because it is characterized by acute senses and an active temperament.
As there are extremely few gastrotonia individuals, I will not cover this constitution in this writing.
Individuals with the pulmotonia constitution tend to be unrealistic and antisocial, and they dislike being in public. If they have a profession that requires frequent interaction with others, their creativity may become dull. For this reason, they should not choose their job haphazardly. Professions that manifest a particular gift—such as a medical doctor, religionist, composer, or physicist—best suit the pulmotonia constitution. Also, because pulmotonia individuals become unhealthy when they eat meat, their success depends largely upon a proper eating habit. If a pulmotonia individual were to concentrate on an item of business, putting his unique and creative character to the best use, he would be hugely successful.
Characterstics of colonotonia individuals, such as a strong intuition, ambition, and leadership, qualify them to be great politicians. However, eating an excessive amount of meat poses the danger of turning them into tyrants. Furthermore, colonotonia individuals should always heed the saying: “Heroes are apt to indulge in carnal pleasure.” The colonotonia constitution is characterized by an excellent sense of creativity. For example, the famous painter Picasso had the colonotonia constitution. Colonotonia individuals are good runners and are able run in marathons since they have a strong heart and a large lung capacity.
The proverb that best describe the renotonia temperament is “Look before you leap.” They have a very systematic, perfectionist, and introverted mind, and they decide things only after much consideration. They loathe troublesome works and prefer office related or legal jobs to running a business. Because of their excessive cautiousness, they are cautious to the point that they hardly regard others’ opinions. This characteristics makes them unfit to run a business. Rather than starting a business, managing and restoring a business that has already failed is what renotonia individuals are good at. As a matter of fact, it is easy to find renotonia individuals among lawyers, public servants, office workers, and employees of hotels and department stores. They are also tend to be realistic, so it may be very difficult to find renotonia individuals working in a religious field. Furthermore, they have a taste for literature and are generally good at sports.
Vesicotonia individuals have both the skeptical characteristic of renotonia individuals and the entrepreneurial characteristic of hepatonia individuals. In choosing a profession, vesicotonia individuals must keep in mind that they have a weak digestive capacity. Jobs that are either slow-paced or stressful are not appropriate for this constitution. Though vesicotonia individuals can eat only a small amount of food at a time, they should nevertheless have regular meals. Consequently, occupations that impede a regular schedule of eating should be avoided. Thus, vesicotonia individuals may select a profession that suits the characteristics of either the renotonia constitution or the hepatonia constitution.
Even the best medicine can be good for some, but harmful to others; even food that is seemingly nutritious can be beneficial for some and harmful to others. Likewise, those who choose a profession that fits their body constitution can contribute to others in a positive way and feel happy themselves. However, if one has a profession that does not fit his constitution, regardless of how popular the job is, it can causes one to become ill and miserable. Therefore, we should realize that the professions that match our personality and body constitution are the heaven's will ordained for us.


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