The Mystery of Life Seen in the Eight Constitutions 3

July, 1999  

Light and Salt

Dr. Dowon Kuon

When a man marries a woman, sometimes this union is very satisfying and peaceful. Everything goes well with them, including their health, so their marriage becomes an object of envy. However, in other couples, everything becomes depressing in the marriage, and both sides are easily irritated even though they try hard to bear each other and to live together.
Sometimes couples who can get along with each other well may not seem well-matched to others at first. Some couples who are not actually peaceful may at first seem that they would be happy. Moreover, when couples who are having hard time in their marriage may look at other couples who match very well, may not understand why they cannot get along with each other despite a lot of effort. Couples who are happy with each other do not understand why other couples end up in discord even though the other couples are good persons individually.
In the East, couples try to maintain their marriage relationship because of the traditional concept that men should not abandon their wives. However, in the West, especially in America, the divorce rate is very high because women can get the most of their marriage assets, while men can end up being penniless after a divorce.
We cannot attribute a couple’s successful marriage relationship only to their good personality, extensive knowledge, or wealth. At the same time, we should not blame those couples who have difficult marriage relationships merely for their bad character or behavior. As a matter of fact, the harmony or dissension in a marriage life is caused by a certain power that operates between the couple. For some couples, only the attracting power is working between them, and for others repulsing power. Asians, especially Koreans, observe a traditional marriage custom of analyzing the horoscopes of a couple who are going to get married in order to ascertain which power would operate between them. However, in America, where people think more freely about marriage, the fear of unsuccessful marriage life has brought about many social problems such as evasion of marriage or homosexualism, which can be led to the spread of AIDS. At the same time, some people do not mind living together with their partners before marriage instead of committing themselves to marriage to find out whether their partners are the right one.
What then is the secret to find out the right match? We can find the answer through the eight constitution medicine. The best match for an individual with the hepatonia constitution is an individual with the pulmotonia constitution, where an attracting power between the two operates to pull them together, because the strong organs of the hepatonia constitution correspond to the weak ones of the pulmotonia constitution and the strong organs of the pulmotonia constitution correspond to the weak ones of the hepatonia constitution. For this reason, when these two are joined together, the function of the overactive organs subsides by letting go of their power, and the weak ones become stronger by gaining the power from the strong ones. Therefore, these these two constitutions are spontaneously attracted to each other. On the contrary, when constitutions that have a similar order of organs in their strength are combined, it makes strong organs stronger and the weak organs weaker so that eventually they repel each other. However, according to the eight constitution medicine,
human life needs both the attracting and repelling power, and we should not consider that only the attracting power is needed to realize the right match. The attracting power between a man and a woman is mainly to bring peace between the two, yet such a combination is more egocentric. Alternatively, the repelling power between a man and a woman can be more altruistic. Nevertheless, the combinations of humans should not only be egocentric or altruistic. While one should choose his spouse with much discretion, he should regard the marriage union as a mission and a heaven-ordained relationship.


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