The Mystery of Life Seen in the Eight Constitutions 2

June, 1999  

Light and Salt

Dr. Dowon Kuon

Life has a scientific aspect that is visible and a mysterious or metaphysical aspect that is invisible. In the medical world, after a long journey to find the scientific nature of life, scientists discovered and tried to understand the structure of DNA. They expected that it would solve all the problems related to life, but they eventually realized that DNA is not life but just an instrument used or controlled by a certain entity.
What is this entity that controls DNA? Because it is something invisible and mysterious, it cannot be oberved merely through scientific experiments. When DNA is detached from this invisible entity, it becomes useless and cannot function in any way. Therefore, we can neither find the ultimate cause of life nor solve its problems related to life merely by the scientific method.
I would like to present the mystery of the human life through the eight constitutional medicine. First of all, if you are an individual with the hepatonia constitution, one of your parents must be an individual with the hepatonia constitution. This indicates that the mysterious entity in your DNA also has been inherited from your parents. Moreover, this mysterious entity came into existence at a fixed time; other constitutions cannot be born during this time. In other words, we are able to find out what time and date the hepatonia constitution is born by investigating the birth information of hepatonia individuals. However, it is not that the DNA of hepatonians waits until this time and comes into being because it is supposed to, but that it is a mysterious process that the DNA is formed to be a human being and comes into the world after spending 280 days in the mother's womb as set beforehand. This is not only the mysterious working of DNA alone but also of something more than DNA, which, after 280 days in the mother's womb, causes the DNA of the parents to give birth to an individual with the hepatonia constitution. This is something which men cannot intervene or control.
If we look at the hepatonia constitution from a universal and metaphysical view rather than scientific and physical view, spacewise this constitution belongs to the northeast direction, and timewise to the first day of spring. The northeast, requiring a movement from the north to the east, is the powerful beginning point, while the first day of spring is a hopeful beginning moment from the winter solstice toward spring. When we consider this spatial and temporal significance in the organic aspect, we see its liver as the strongest organ among all the five viscera and the five bowels. In this kind of arrangement, other organs check the high-handedness of the strongest one through the mutual antagonism and the mutual promotion, so eventually the liver functions as a peacemaker among all the organs. This is why I named this constitution hepatonia.
The body constitutions which have the liver as the most dominant organ in their body kind of liver-controlled constitution has its physical or psychological individuality facing due east and going toward the vernal equinox, which is a figure of a tree in the sun of the fresh first day of spring.


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