The Diseases That Indicate Your Constitution

July, 1995     

Light and Salt

Dr. Dowon Kuon

The eight constitutions are all susceptible to conditions and diseases like headache, stomachache, hepatitis, and gastritis. However, because the pathology of each constitution is different from that of one another, the treatment and regimen for each constitution also differ, according to the Eight Constitutions Medicine. Differences in pathology between the constitutions come from the different arrays of the strong and the weak organs of each constitution. Also, this medicine can point out specific diseases or conditions that exclusively attack each constitution, so we can guess an individual’s constitution from a disease that the he suffers from.
The first among those diseases is atopic dermatitis, known as an incurable skin disease. Only pulmotonia individuals suffer from this disease. Not all pulmotonia individuals contract it, but those who enjoyed eating meat when they were growing up have a high possibility of contracting this disease. Therefore, not eating meat is the best way to be cured of this disease, and this remedy has been discovered through the Eight Constitutions Medicine. This also means that whoever suffers from atopic dermatitis can consider himself an individual with the pulmotonia constitution.
The second disease is progressive muscular atrophy, which is also known to be incurable. It usually starts from the right leg and progresses upward, later causing difficulty in walking due to muscular atrophy and asthenia. Individuals with the colonotonia constitution contract this disease from eating too much meat, taking a Chinese medicine that contains young antlers, or from losing their temper too frequently.  In order to cure this disease, these individuals must avoid all three factors that cause this disease and begin receiving the Eight Constitutions treatment before it is too late. They could be healed if they start treatment before it’s too late.
The third condition is continual constipation. Some people are healthy but have bowel movement only once every three days, and sometimes only once every five to seven days. Nevertheless, it does not make them feel uncomfortable, and they never have diarrhea. This happens only to individuals who have the renotonia constitution and is a normal condition for them that might be abnormal for other constitutions. Therefore, renotonia individuals should not consider constipation to be a disease. Actually, it can be rather harmful if they attempt to induce bowel movement daily.
Fourthly, there are some people whose stomach stretches down below their bladder. This condition is called gastroptosis. It is mostly seen in individuals with the vesicotonia constitution, and is very rare to find it among individuals with other constitutions. Therefore, if you have gastroptosis, you should recognize that you are an individual with the vesicotonia constitution. You should not eat too much, and you should try to lie down for a while after having meals. You should also try not to sweat by doing the appropriate kind of exercise, such as swimming.

The fifth condition is sterility, which is suffered by people who cannot get pregnant after trying for more than three years after getting married. Those people are pancreotonia individuals. However, this does not mean that every individual with the pancreotonia constitution is sterile, but that most sterile people are pancreotonia individuals. Therefore, it is necessary for pancreotonia individuals to build up the habit of taking vitamin E and eating the right food in their youth. Also, they tend to contract the disease called vitiligo vulgaris, which is hardly found in individuals who have the other constitutions.
The next condition is related to penicillin shock. Penicillin, which is not used any more, used to cause penicillin shock in one out of ten thousand people. This one person is an individual with the gastrotonia constitution, who usually makes up one out of millions of people. Approximately 15 years ago, I had an experience of saving the life of a woman who went into shock from taking penicillin.
The seventh condition is hallucinosis, one of the diseases suffered by individuals with the hepatonia constitution. This condition is a combination of unpleasant auditory hallucination, delusion of persecution, and megalomaniac ideas. People suffering from this disease have a clear consciousness and have no problem with their ability to think, but can very easily end up being insane. Hepatonia individuals naturally have high blood pressure, which is normal for them, but when they keep eating vegetables and fish and avoid eating meat in order to reduce their blood pressure, they become fatigued and begin to hallucinate. In this case, they need to change their diet to eating meat and build up the habit of taking a hot bath. This disease can be easily healed through constitutional treatment.
The last condition is Keun-jae pain, which, even if it does not affect the digestive function, causes incessant bowel movements throughout the entire day and pain around the navel. This is a condition that is usually suffered by cholecystonia individuals. This is because their colon is short and asthenic. This condition can be cured through keeping a meat diet.
These examples are the diseases and conditions that help us to identify our own constitution. If you understand that these diseases and conditions are caused due to not knowing the proper regimen for each constitution, you will also realize that having a new appreciation for the knowledge of your constitution and keeping the principles of your constitution are the ways to maintain your health.


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