Constitution (Bodytype) and Heredity

September, 1996  

Light and Salt

Dr. Dowon Kuon

During the stages of gestation, at a certain point a person’s constitution is determined. Therefore, we can tell which constitution a person will have by investigating the time and the date of their birth. Then when we consider that the eight constitutions are inherited from parents, there is a strong possibility that the 280th day from the date of a person's conception does not match his constitution that he may inherit from either one of his parents. In order to match the date of birth with his constitution, there would need to be another 280 days until he is born, which is impossible. 
But what is obvious here is that for every human being, his constitution inherited from his parents, his date of birth and the 280 days in his mother's womb all match one another. This means that this matter is not a human work. If you go back 280 days from the date the baby's constitution falls on, that day is when the baby is conceived. You can see that the time of heredity, the date of birth and the period of 280 days work together. This is a mystery of the creation of life that men can never manipulate.
When we consider the fact that even in the case of artificial fertilization that is done without counting the heredity of constitution or the time of birth, these three still correspond with the result, artificial fertilization is also just a messenger that works for the Creator.
The fact that a human being’s constitution is related to the time of his birth implies that body constitution and the universe are interrelated and that there is the divine power of the universe operating in the work of creation.

Are Diseases Hereditary Just As Constitution Is Hereditary?
If you receive your body constitution from your father, this does not imply that you also inherit from your father the diseases from which that he suffers. However, if you do not know your constitution and disregard it, you might contract the same disease that your father has. In other words, if you inherit a constitution that causes you to easily contract a digestive disorder, you might not have inherited that disease at birth, but you may become susceptible to that disease in the course of your lifetime. Nevertheless, this can be overcome simply by being conscious of your constitution and taking caution accordingly.
An individual may expect to contract a disease simply because his parent and siblings have all died from that disease. However, since he has not yet contracted and it is possible for him to be prevented from contracting that disease, what he needs to do is to ascertain his constitution and follow a proper diet accordingly.
There are quite a few babies diagnosed with incurable diseases, such as leukemia, leukopenia, aplastic anemia, and cerebral palsy. In these cases, we cannot say that these babies inherited those diseases only from their parents. When a couple both have the same constitution, the child born between them ends up having constitutional traits of his parent’s constitution that are even more prevalent, which leads to a higher possibility of contracting incurable diseases. If that is the case, the parents need to pay more attention to the child’s body constitution. If the child is not cared for adequately, he may contract those diseases.


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