Allergies, the Sign of Constitutional Protection

October, 1995  

Light and Salt

Dr. Dowon Kuon

Many people in the world suffer from various kinds of allergies, such as nasal allergy, skin allergy, asthma, and hay fever. Generally, allergies are considered as indications of being oversensitive. We need to consider this matter by observing not so much the cause of these allergies but the individuals who suffer from these allergies. When people walk on grass, some experience itchiness and tingling while others do not feel anything. In the same way, though many people may eat the same food, some get nettle rashes as a result, while others do not. Though two people may live in the same house, one may suffer from hay fever while the other may not. Similarly, certain medications prove effective for certain people, while the same medication, when taken by others, may cause side effects.
These phenomena are all warnings that we should not disregard the differences between body constitutions. Even various manifestations of allergies have strong correlations with body constitutions.
Some individuals have certain food allergies in their childhood, but after these individuals become adults, the allergies do not seem to affect them anymore. For others, it is only after marriage that they experience a similar change. The factor responsible for these changes is an adjustment in diet; on a daily basis a certain food was eaten to counteract the effect of the food that caused the allergies. A marriage relationship could also help control allergies. However, it must be said that a certain food that is harmful to an individual can never become beneficial to that individual.
Then what is the specific principle that causes an allergy? It is the same principle upon which food is classified according to constitutions—the different arrangements of the internal organs according to their strength and weakness. When a naturally strong organ becomes overly strong through the ingestion of a detrimental nutrient, or a naturally weak organ becomes overly weak for the same reason, the allergic symptoms are manifested either externally or internally. People have the wrong concept that only the external reactions are allergies; the fact is overlooked that there are internal allergies manifested only within the body. It is easy to prevent outwardly manifested allergies from getting serious, because these allergies are visibly evident. However, the internal allergic symptoms are often ignored and develop into serious diseases.
For instance, allergic coryza frequently occurs to individuals with the pulmotonia constitution, which is characterized by naturally strong lungs. It is especially when these individuals eat meat on a frequent basis, which enhances the function of the lungs, that they have an increased susceptibility to allergic coryza. In contrast, when individuals with the hepatonia constitution, which is characterized by weak lungs, eat certain foods that weaken the function of the lungs, these individuals contract vasomotor rhinitis. Antihistamines are typically used to treat allergic coryza. However, antihistamines aggravate the allergic symptoms for pulmotonia individuals.  For them, instead of taking antihistamines, the best treatment is to suppress the function of the lungs by abstaining from meat. In contrast to pulmotonia individuals, hepatonia individuals benefit from antihistamines. At the same time, they should eat fatty foods to strengthen their weak lungs.  
One time a woman came to see me to request a diagnosis of her problem. She had no strength throughout her body, and the skin around her eyes was turning dark. Usually, dark circles below the eyes are caused by kidney problems. Before I discerned her body constitution, I suspected that she might have the pancreotonia constitution, which is characterized by weak kidneys. After discerning, it turned out that she had the colonotonia constitution. For the colonotonia constitution, the kidneys are the second strongest internal organ. Thinking that she must have tried to improve the function of her kidneys, I asked her whether she had been taking any medication or supplements. She answered that she had been taking vitamin E for many years. Vitamin E strengthens the function of the kidneys, but the colonotonia constitution has naturally active kidneys. Vitamin E had excessively strengthened the function of her kidneys. As a result, she had dark circles below her eyes, and the dark circles were a kind of allergic symptom manifested externally.
The allergies that originate from the liver or pancreas can easily develope into serious diseases, since they are not manifested externally in most cases. Hepatonia individuals, whose livers are naturally strong, may feel fatigued for no apparent reason even if they may look healthy outwardly and have no disease. This is an allergic reaction that they may experience when they eat mainly fish and vegetables rather than meat. If they do not change their diet, the fatigue worsens, and this condition may eventually result in visual and auditory hallucination, megalomania, or paranoia. Individuals who experience these symptoms can be considered to be psychotic by others. This problem can be corrected simply by applying constitutional medicine, which can suppress the strong function of the liver.
Allergies that are generated by the pancreas can also be manifested within the body. One day, one of my friends called me and said that when he came back from work, he found out that his elderly mother had been hospitalized after feeling lethargic in her hands while changing clothes. Since I already knew that she was an individual with the pancreotonia constitution, I strongly told my friend that vicom (vitamin B complex) should be removed from any kind of injections that are administered to her. This was because vitamin B, which is a nutrient that helps the pancreas, might cause her pancreas to become overactive, which would lead to an allergic reaction and possibly to a regrettable result. When I talked to him the next morning, I realized that he had not listened to my warning. Her condition had become very serious overnight, and her belly had become very swollen. When I asked about the dextrose injection, he told me that his mother had been given vicom throughout the night despite my warning. I was convinced that vicom may be very effective for other constitutions, but it is deadly to pancreotonia individuals. Eventually, my friend’s mother passed away. At around 11 A.M., he called me again and said that the hospital had found out through an autopsy that there had been a serious discharge of blood from the organs in the abdominal cavity. This is an example of how vitamin B can cause an allergy inside one’s body and can even take a person’s life.
Allergies also occur in human relationships. Our experience tells us that some children prefer not to be physically close to one of their parents.  This is not because they hate one of their parents and like the other, but rather, they avoid one parent due to their constitution. If the child resembles his father in constitution, he does not like to be physically close to his father, and if the child resembles his mother, he does not like being close to her. In each case the child smells an unpleasant odor emanating from his parent. Actually, the child emits the same odor as the offensive parent, and this odor is generated by the strongest organ in their body. When the child gets physically close to a parent who has the same or a similar constitution as theirs, this odor is intensified to become a sickening smell.
Each constitution has a different body odor, just as the order of internal organs in their strength and weakness is different in each body constitution. The different body odors are usually generated by the strongest and the second strongest organs. For instance, a person whose strongest organ is the liver will not like to get close to the parent whose strongest or second strongest organ is also the liver. Therefore, a person whose strongest organ is the liver will feel disgusted by the smell emanating from people whose strongest or second strongest organ is also the liver. On the contrary, to the same person, the odor from people whose liver is the weakest or second weakest organ smells like a fragrance. Even a little child can discern this odor. If a child does not want to get physically close to his parents and offers no reason for his repulsed behavior, the parents should avoid kissing the child on the cheek and should not hug him against his will. Otherwise, the child may dislike his parent intensively or, in some cases, get sick.
The saliva of each constitution indicates many of its characteristics. When a child ingests the saliva of a parent who has the same constitution as the child, the child may suffer from various allergy-related problems, which may affect his skin and nose and also cause a fever. In a serious case, the consequences of sharing saliva may cause the child to suffer from pediatric asthma. Therefore, if you are a parent, regardless of whether you know what your constitution is or not, if your child suffers from these symptoms, you must understand that it is due to the matter of constitution, and you should be cautious concerning this matter. You must observe how your child responds to you. You should also avoid sharing food from the same bowl and feeding your child with food that you have already touched, so that a harmful mixture of saliva can be avoided. Of course, if it is confirmed that you and your child have dissimilar body constitutions, there is no problem in mixing saliva. Exercising care regarding making physical contact will result in harmony in the family and sound health for the children.
This is also the case with adults. One time, some young American couples suffered from a mysterious fever. No medicine worked for them, and they were unable to find the cause of the fever. Somehow, they were healed from the symptom at a certain point, and it turned out that kissing between these couples was the cause of the fever. Of course, not every one who kisses his partner would get this type of problem; this is an allergy-related problem that is caused by contact between individuals who have similar body constitutions. Then how do we take care of these problems? The answer is simple. However, if an individual does not know what his constitution is, he can nevertheless maintain good health and family harmony by paying careful attention to his daily living. Improving the details of daily living by using tableware, pots and pans, toiletry items, and bedding, etc., with caution will improve the physical health of every member in the family. This type of living can also be considered as an ideal way of life in the future.
In conclusion, allergies are the constitutional signal to warn and urge us to protect our body, as we do not have the ability to discern what is good and what is harmful, and we do not know what to avoid or how to improve our living environment.


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