"My mission is to treat and educate as many families as possible using the philosophies of the 8 Constitution Medicine and to teach them how to improve and take care of their own health.

I will do my best to ensure a friendly and compassionate environment during your treatment where both healing and learning can be achieved."



Hi, I’m Peter Soh, a certified oriental medicine & acupuncture practitioner by PITAHC (Department of Health), Philippines. My dedication to being an effective and 

compassionate healer is rooted in hearty appreciation for Dr. Dowon Kuon, the founder of 8 Constitution Medicine. The Eight Constitution Medicine treats patients by using not herbs or other methods but acupuncture treatment only. 

With its excellent clinical effectiveness, the Eight Constitution Medicine has opened a new era in the eastern medicine and is regarded as a gift from God. In this light, our clinic devotes an extensive amount of time to discerning a patient's body type. If you discern which body type you belong to, receive the constitutional acupuncture 

treatment, and follow the diet according to your body type, you can maintain good health.

Each treatment is administered with the utmost respect for each patient, emphasizing a painless technique that ensures an overall comfortable and enjoyable experience.

As a Manila certified acupuncturist, with a background in 8 Body Type Medicine, Peter has achieved success in addressing a variety of health conditions. He mastered his skills through extensive training in various medical fields with more and less 3,500 hours of classroom instruction and clinical internship. Most importantly, Peter is passionate about working with people and helping them to achieve their greatest health potential.


  • Acupuncturist in a Team of the 7th Airborne Special Forces, South Korea

  • Master of Science in Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture at Southern California University- School of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture, USA

  • Specializing in 8 Constitutional Medicine Acupuncture

  • Certified Acupuncturist by PITAHC - Department of Health, Philippines

  • PITAHC registered

Cellphone: 0912-843-7782, 0932-845-6065
E-mail: binhiclinic@gmail.com


In Tagalog, the word Binhi means “seed for planting.” An acorn is a perfect example of this word. It starts out as a tiny seed that ends up growing into a strong oak tree. From tiny beginnings grown big changes, and it all starts with a seed!


In Pasadena, California, where I completed my studies, there were many oak trees along the trail that people walk. The oak trees produce seeds in the summer or fall, as they prepare for the cold weather. Safe inside a seed, a tiny new plant waits out winter. Then it sprouts in the spring when sun and rain are plentiful. 


The 8 body constitution philosophy of medicine gives vitality to the seed in you. Small beginnings can bring about large benefits to all aspects of your life. 


But just like the acorn needs the proper amounts of water, nutrients, and sunlight to grow into the mighty oak tree, so too does your body need the right balance of treatment and diet to develop the strength of the oak tree. 


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